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10 May 2020

Honoured and thrilled to be included as a “Mover and Shaker” in the latest edition of legal industry Bible aka “The Orange Rag” produced by the team at Legal IT Insider.

“A new boutique legal management consultancy formed by former Janders Dean directors Allister Spencer and Natalie Kuebler will formally launch today (20 April), focusing on legal services analysis and design, business transformation and new technology implementation.

Altruistic Ventures takes its name from the desire to provide a holistic approach to legal management consulting and Kuebler told Legal IT Insider: “When we speak to people about how we like to work they often say ‘that’s a very altruistic view’ because we’ve always had a strong view that the value of a team outweighs any individual. The outcomes we’ve seen from a highly functioning team are worlds apart from the alternative, where you have people looking out for themselves as individuals and not the ultimate benefit of the business. Altruistic Ventures is about having your heart in the right place.”

Kuebler adds: “What we’re trying to get to is that at the centre of all of this law is a service, it’s a people business, and people come to law firms with problems they need to be solved. Clients want to know what are the outcomes; what’s the critical path? Most law firms are poor at that at element but it’s really simple stuff. If we weren’t all so wound up in going to look at the new shiny thing and talking nonsense about it, we might be able to get it right.”

The company will include former fellow Janders Dean employees Michelle Wilkie and Jessica Cooke in Australia”

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