Legal Halo

Legal Halo

20 April 2020

Cutting through the hype around legaltech and legalops products and services, the Legal Halo will put trending topics under the metaphorical microscope to dispel product biases and promote original solutions rather than born-again remedies. We will explore the psychology which underpins decision making in law firms and invite insight on the unconscious bias that exists in the industry, the power of its longstanding brands and marketing, and give a voice to brands and concepts which we may be overlooking for reasons we may rather not acknowledge.         

How are we deciding who we invite to respond to our requests for information? How are we prioritising our initiatives? How is the partnership model ensuring the best legal services for its clients? Join Altruistic Ventures as it investigates urban myth and legend in legal.

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Press Releases

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Altruistic Ventures is a boutique management consultancy providing specialised services to law firms


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There are many great ideas in the world of legal service delivery which never see the light of day….


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Cutting through the hype around Helping the legal industry through COVID-19 “Iso” during 2020…


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