Press Release 20/4/2020 Altruistic Ventures Launch

Altruistic Ventures Launch

20 April 2020

Altruistic Ventures is a boutique management consultancy providing specialised services to law firms and in-house legal teams globally. Born through a desire to bring a holistic and truly independent approach to legal management consulting, Altruistic Ventures has a mission to share knowledge and expertise for the collective benefit of the global legal community.

The services portfolio delivers both strategic and operational expertise to clients from a global team of committed and experienced legalops and legaltech experts.     

Co-founders Allister Spencer and Natalie Kuebler are pleased to announce: “All Alt-V consultants have a minimum of ten years of experience working in law firms, with legaltech vendors or in legal consultancies. This makes the cohort a valuable influence in the legal arena.”   

With a wealth of fundamental cross-disciplinary core skillsets, Alt-V operates across all major business services areas, including risk, finance, marketing and business development, technology and business change management.       

Alt-V consultants have worked on successful projects across the globe, building strong global relationships. This has culminated in a deep understanding and knowledge of the legal vendor landscape and technological offerings to allow clients to benefit from a unique approach to tech selection and implementation strategy. The team has an enviable capability to exceed client expectations through thorough elicitation and behavioural understanding, combined with functional subject matter expertise.   

As part of its launch, Alt-V is announcing three key initiatives:          

Altruistic Endeavours – A recurring invite to submit a business case with endorsement from clients to secure a retainer of Altruistic hours. Humility is at the heart of what we practice and we invite collaborators to volunteer their time and resources to contribute to the scheme.

Legal Meth Lab – A platform to demystify methodology and discipline in the legal industry. Experts will share their capability and knowledge of practice areas and the community will be invited to engage and to drive the discourse.

Legal Halo – Cutting through the hype around legaltech and legalops products and services, the Legal Halo will put trending topics under the metaphorical microscope to dispel product biases and promote original solutions rather than born-again remedies.

Spencer highlights that “success is only possible through a special blend of subject matter expertise, authenticity, empathy and skill and we have created a brilliant team which shares this vision. Clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the entire collective. A key benefit of instructing a business in its genesis stages is that clients are guaranteed access to the company directors and their combined wisdom.”

The Alt-V co-founders are mindful of the current landscape, but in the face of adversity opportunity and silver linings can be found. Kuebler observes “typically firms attempt to change the wheels whilst the train is in motion. This unprecedented situation has given rise to reflection and gives firms an opportunity to sprint ahead whilst others retract. Embedding disciplines like Kaizan and Lean can provide enormous benefits to help maintain the headspace of employees during this time and is key to advancing the skills of the workforce whilst ensuring we continue to deliver outstanding advice to clients of legal services globally. Macrocosmic issues mean that now more than ever, firms need to invest in iterative enhancement programmes to ensure short-term resilience as well as long term efficiencies and profitability.”     

Notes to editors

Alt-V is truly independent whilst simultaneously maintaining close connections with vendors to maintain product knowledge. At its core, Alt-V seeks to support clients through careful and considerate advice that best serves the needs of each unique firm. Clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the entire collective. A key benefit of instructing a business in its genesis stages is that clients are guaranteed access to the company directors and their combined wisdom.          

Kuebler points out “we scale our services to support clients in a variety of modes. There is no one-size fits all approach when you work with us. Our ability to understand different firm personalities, cultures and change appetite, means that we offer clients a highly tailored experience, combined with advice from highly skilled industry experts.”       


Spencer has over 20 years of senior management experience, having worked within technology services teams for law firms, for legal technology vendors and most recently as a director of multiple legal consultancies. His expertise spans technology strategy and business change advice for firms experiencing great change, from mid-tier to silver and magic circle firms globally. It’s this breadth of knowledge which means Alt-V consultants can advise clients with a panoramic lens of experience.

Also with over 20 years of legal industry experience, Kuebler has worked within finance services teams for law firms, before moving into project management and process engineering disciplines. She has been integral to the first wave of innovation hubs in various law firms before moving to Intapp to work with silver and magic circle firms across the globe on various risk and finance programmes. Natalie specialises in the delivery of domain expertise in the strategy, planning, design/iterative improvement and implementation of a variety of key legal business processes.     

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