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Press Releases

A Dunn Deal

10 Nov 2020

Alt-V Law is thrilled to welcome its first Non-Executive Director; the crown prince of legal creativity himself Jason Dunning. In his role Jay will be instrumental to ensuring that our service offering is aligned to the needs of our clients and the legal sector.  We look forward to embarking on this journey together….more

Legal Meth Lab Episode 2

3 August 2020

This episode features an in depth discussion about methodology with Nicole Bradick and Jason Dunning…..listen here

Mirror mirror on the wall

21 July 2020

Altruistic Ventures founder Allister Spencer talks to Jacqui Dabell about why law firms around the globe are instructing AltV to see a true reflection of their business and how they can differentiate themselves in a crowded sector…more

A guide to new (world) business intake

14 July 2020

A number of years ago now, I came to appreciate the growing complexities and the evolving sophistication of governance and process around law firm new business intake/matter inception/business acceptance/matter opening (whatever you call it in your corner of the world).

Read the full article here

It’s pronounced noteworthy, not notoriety

1 July 2020

Altruistic Ventures founder Natalie Kuebler speaks to Jacqui Dabell about Alt-Vs humble approach to legal consulting.

Read the full article here

Legal Meth Lab

2 June 2020

“The idea that law should exist in an ivory tower just doesn’t work anymore”

The Altruistic Ventures Legal Meth Lab faculty discuss why law needs to stop taking itself so seriously in order to elicit real change.. Episode 1 of the Legal Meth Lab airs July 2020….
Watch this space

Let us prey

9 June 2020

Break the mould

21 May 2020

Nicola Slatter speaks to Jacqui Dabell about why “catch and kill” partnership culture is the greatest threat to law firm stagnation…

Jessica Cooke talks to Jacqui Dabell about what makes the Altruistic Ventures approach to legal management consulting unique… More

Michelle Wilkie talks to Jacqui Dabell about how Alt-V help to bridge the gap and de-silo law firm departments for effective project management….

We are hiring

10 May 2020

An exciting opportunity to join the
Alt-V collective.


Juicy news

10 May 2020

Thrilled to be included in the latest edition of the Orange Rag…


Movers and shakers

10 May 2020

A pithy profile of Alt-V is featured in this month’s publication of Legal Moves…


Altruistic Endeavours

20 April 2020

There are many great ideas in the world of legal service delivery which never see the light of day….


Legal Meth Lab

20 April 2020

Helping the legal industry through COVID-19 “Iso”…


Legal Halo

20 April 2020

Cutting through the hype around legaltech and legalops products and services, the Legal Halo will…


Altruistic Ventures Launches 20 April 2020

A holistic and truly independent approach to legal management consulting. Sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of Altruistic Ventures is a boutique management consultancy providing specialised services to law firms and in-house legal teams globally…. More

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