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Customer Lifecycle Map

A Customer Lifecycle Map is a holistic visualisation of a customer’s overall relationship with a service provider. This may include a series of customer journeys over time; from the customer’s initial contact with a service, right through to the point where they eventually stop using it altogether. 

Why is it used?

Generating this detailed overview of a customer’s series of service journeys allows companies to make more complete and balanced business cases, and develop more effective marketing strategies. The maps allow service providers to present their customers with a holistic offering, as the lifecycles of several services can be synchronised around customers evolving wants and needs; by understanding why their interaction with one service might cease, providers can develop and market new services which intuitively serve customers’ changing desires. 

When is it helpful? 

Helpful when looking for new service lines opportunities, or to identify points where services might be abandoned.

How is it applied?

Known data about customers is visualised into a series of key events relating to their service usage. These represent the stages a typical customer will pass through when using a service. At each of these stages
research material is incorporated into the map to provide insights into customers’ drives and motivations.

Life cycle maps

Maps are often used to highlight the points where people may abandon a service – something that’s of crucial importance when planning new service offerings

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