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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life collates the research material pertaining to a particular type of customer (which may have already been collated into a persona) in order to create a descriptive walkthrough of their typical daily

Why is it used?

Day in the Life contextualises a customer’s service interactions, allowing a great deal of background information pertaining to their thoughts and feelings when interacting with a touchpoint to be conveyed.
Simply focusing on those instances where customers come into direct contact with a service ignores these contextual insights, whilst uncovering people’s everyday problems and solutions provides a far more holistic view of their drivers and motivations – something that’s integral to tailoring services effectively.

When is it helpful? 

If the typical day of the user is complex, it can be split up into different time frame and those frames can be observed and described in detail during the research to gain a more focused understanding of the day. This method can prove to be highly helpful in exploring experiences and behaviours of users one is designing for. It can also help in testing prototypes or new ideas as well as explore opportunities to arrive at a solution for a problem.

How is it applied?

A Day in the Life can be presented in several different formats; simple graphics or a comic-strip are quick and easy to produce, whilst using video or photography produces a rich depiction of a user’s everyday environments and routines. Regardless of the format chosen, the Day in the Life should incorporate as many of the insights gathered as feasible -the purpose is to provide an overview of a typical day, including what a customer is thinking and doing outside of their service interactions.

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