Innovate – Service Role Play

Service Role Play

Just like theatrical rehearsal methods can be used to explore and generate ideas, other drama techniques can be used to assist with their implementation. This generally involves interactive training experiences that help staff contribute to the improvement of the service experience. 

Why is it used?

Service Role play helps provide staff with the tools and training needed to meet customers’ needs effectively. The insights underpinning tools like personas are translated directly to service touch points, building empathy with customers throughout the entire organisation. They also help staff members to build up ownership over the innovations they’re being asked to implement, as their feedback fine-tunes the introduction of new ideas.

How is it applied?

Staff members are asked to enact several situations where they might come into contact with a customer. The roles in these exercises are highly interchangeable, with each participant switching between customer, staff, or manager as new ideas come up and are immediately tested. Prompt cards detailing a specific persona, problem, mood, or personal characteristic focuses the exercises around specific insights, whilst recording on video allows the participants to review and analyse each situation at a later date. 

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