Innovate – Empathy Map

Empathy Map

An Empathy Map is a systematic way to place yourself in the shoes of someone else to generate new insights, specific to a target group. The method provides a series of prompts to identify a target group’s thoughts, feelings, motivations, desires, and needs . This forces the investigating team to focus on the target group’s requirements, rather than its own.

Why is it used?

Empathy Maps are used to help methodologists consider various stakeholders to a particular process, service or problem and reflect on the various perspectives that exist.

When is it helpful? 
Helpful when trying to identify unaddressed needs. Empathy Maps present results visually, meaning that they can be easily shared, and clearly highlight any gaps in knowledge or contradictions in research.

How is it applied?
Start with a simple canvas which is divided into six basic sections: 

1. Who are we empathising with? 
2. What do they do?
3. What do they see? 
4. What do they say? 
5. What do they do? 
6. What do they hear? 

The first step is to decide who you are mapping and the next step is to start collecting data to add to the map. 

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