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A Dunn Deal

10 November 2020

Alt-V Law is thrilled to welcome its first Non-Executive Director; the crown prince of legal creativity himself Jason Dunning. 

In his role with Alt-V Law, Jay will be instrumental to ensuring that our service offering is aligned to the needs of our clients and the legal sector. 

We look forward to embarking on this journey together. 

Jay has spent, what appears to be, a lifetime in the world of problem solving. He started out his career as a police officer for Greater Manchester and spent many of his early years solving problems of a criminal nature, often trying to find solutions in very emotionally charged situations. With his only tools and skills being choice of language, empathy and thinking on his feet to find a way forward. Following a career change into banking, he honed a skill set and an aptitude for understanding business problems and crafting solutions that fit both business and customer needs, working alongside McKinseys. Jay held many different roles from leadership coach to sustainability consultant before moving out of the banking industry and into legal. 

Nearly 6 years on, with a new found love for lateral thinking, human-centred design and innovation strategy, Jay now holds a full time position with DWF Ventures as the creativity and design lead, helping to manage and craft new ideas with internal colleagues and clients externally from all sectors to drive a “new different”.  

Jay is a now recognised leader in creativity and design. He is regarded as a highly effective facilitator and has supported many businesses to understand, effectively implement and sustain business improvement, design and creative problem solving techniques to inform change and transformation strategies. He thrives off enabling people to think differently about problems and perspectives, allowing them to see a new normal beyond the traditional and conventional.  

“I was honoured when the team at Alt-V Law asked me to take part in their recent podcast to launch the Legal Meth Lab. There were so many fantastic names that formed part of the faculty, all with great perspectives to listen in to and learn from. I was glad I had the opportunity to share my own thoughts on some of the topics and give my point of view based on my experiences. The interesting thing with any change experience, is that they are all different, some experiences are good, some bad. One thing is for certain though, enabling change is not easy and from time to time you may need some help to get stuff over the line. The thing I love about the Alt-V gang, is that they are ‘people’ people at heart (just like me). Behind every bit of change is people, in some shape or form. The clue really is in the name with these guys, being truly Altruistic is the aim and I think they have it in spades! Enabling change with you or for you, not directing change at you.

I’m hoping to bring some different experiences and skills to the table that can complement and (in some instances) challenge the team to think creatively and critically around what they want the business to be, what they plan to do and how they plan to do it. I’m especially looking forward to the mutual learning opportunity – learning from a very experienced team as they craft a very successful business.

Having been a part of the legal change scene for some time I’m hoping that some of the connections and friends I have made over the years, will be useful on our adVenture to make the legal industry a better and ultimately, more dynamic place. There are some fantastic people out there flying the legal innovation flag, that are doing some really great things and I’m hoping that we can draw on all of these connections and networks to bring them to bare on projects that have a lasting impact in the future of transforming how legal services are delivered.”

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