Legal Meth Lab

Legal Meth Lab

Legal Meth Lab

The Legal Meth Lab was created by Altruistic Ventures to connect legal innovators across the industry and give them a platform to explore a diverse range of methodologies used in law firms around the globe.

Through participating in the lab individuals, law firms, clients and vendors can acquire expertise in a range of  disciplines including Design Thinking, Service Design, Agile and Lean Six Sigma.    

The Legal Meth Lab is a visually stunning, interactive, multimedia experience. Each incarnation of the Legal Meth Lab is fully bespoke and designed specifically for the participants involved. Whether you have some foundational knowledge of methodology and discipline or whether you are a complete novice the lab sessions will adapt to your expertise and background.

The key objective of this programme is to embed a culture of innovation in law firms, giving all roles across the business access to skills and tools which can be used in daily legal service delivery and making innovation everyone’s business.          

Upon successful completion of the lab each member of the cohort is awarded certification.

Legal Meth Lab Podcast Series

The Altruistic Ventures collective has created a platform to demystify popular methodology and disciplines which have taken the legal industry by storm, this initiative will bring together a panel of experts to share quality, pragmatic and realistic knowledge of trending topics.

The community will be invited to engage with our collaborators and drive the discourse, distil hypotheses and give a wider perspective on the key issues affecting the legal industry globally.  The team share a passion to reimagine legal services to benefit the entire legal ecosystem.

For more information, or to get involved follow #legalmethlab on LinkedIn or contact

Legal Meth Lab
Series 1

This episode frames the use of methodology and discipline across the legal ecosystem.

Watch episode 1 now

Episode 2

This episode features an in depth discussion about methodology with Nicole Bradick and Jason Dunning.

Listen here

Episode 3

Catch up with Horia, Camilla, Jay and Peter in this month’s episode of the Alt-V Legal Meth Lab.

Listen here

Episode 4

Given the subjective nature of quality how should we establish a standard in our firms and in our industry as a whole?

Listen here

Legal Meth Lab

Legal Meth Lab Faculty 2020

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