With a global client base, it is fundamental that our clients have access to 24 hour services. Our network of specialist consultants across the UK and Australia allows Altruistic Ventures to provide our clients with consultants available in local and international locations and access to a global knowledge base tailored to individual client needs.

Assisting lawyers to focus their efforts,
and ultimately support their own clients
to navigate high pressure situations.


Altruistic Ventures provides clients value through a team of highly qualified, experienced and trusted individuals all with in excess of 10 years legal industry experience. Our mission is to deliver the legal industry and in-house teams with highly specialised advice across all major business areas, coupled with behavioural-based business change strategies to support major business change programmes, critical remediation activities and C-Class management changes.

Sharing knowledge,
experience and insight
across the legal industry with humility.


Having worked with over 100 firms across the legal industry and across all continents  in the last twenty years, our experience is industry recognised without the need to promote. Our experience across all major vertical services areas, including Risk & Compliance, Finance, Marketing & Business Development, Technology and Business Change Management ensures our advice is holistic. The team at Altruistic Ventures holds industry recognised subject matter expertise in both the business and practice of law, but without the BS.

Altruistic Ventures Ltd
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