Change Impact Assessment

Change Impact Assessment provides a means of charting the anticipated effects of change on various areas of the business and stakeholder groups.

By thoughtfully playing-out how change might affect various audiences, a manager is able to effectively mitigate challenges by building an assessment which allows communications and management strategies to address risks and promote benefits.

Why is it used?

People, processes and systems are in the frame when it comes to being impacted by change; and all are in focus in a Change Impact Assessment.

However – unlike system and process changes – once a new state has been established, people are more susceptible to reverting to old behaviours. This is why forecasting likely impacts is valuable.

When is it helpful?

This analysis is considered beneficial in the early stages of a project’s lifecycle, since its production is proven to reduce future costs by highlighting potential risks and enable managers to allocate resource effectively.

How is it applied?

Firstly, identify the CHANGES which are being proposed – this can be taken from an approved project initiation document.

Next is to gauge the COMPLEXITY and the SIZE of each change on a chart – providing a brief description for reference. Once identified, work as a group to pinpoint the AUDIENCES that will be affected by each change. This will support any future Change, Communications and Training (CCT) plan.

For smaller, less complex projects, this may be sufficient detail to adequately mitigate risk, though in larger projects this would be used as a starting point for a more in-depth Change Impact Analysis.

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