Campaign Design

A Campaign Design articulates the brand Identity of a project; this includes the design of consistent narrative (e.g. light and friendly, or dense and formal, etc.), key visual characteristics (photos/illustrations, colour schemes, presentations, and more), the look and feel of communications (email templates and posters, plus more). It is best delivered through the medium of a Vision Board.

Why is it used?

Controlling the narrative of a project and how it is perceived is more easily managed when there is consistency of approach in regards to its overall delivery.  

Creating an identity is useful for distinguishing key communications and achieving greater buy-in across the business.

When is it helpful?

Growing awareness and excitement across an organisation should be actively managed throughout. Ensuring communications consider the identity from the outset increases the likelihood of changes being adopted sooner, and reduces friction within the customer journey[1] . 

How is it applied?

Either using a slide deck or digital whiteboard, consider the following as a minimum:

  • What is the target audience? Knowing who the messaging is for will guide the campaign. Additional clarity may be developed through the use of a Personas[2]  exercise.
  • What are the messages? This links to the original project principles, laid out at inception.
  • What are the design rules? This includes, but is not exhaustive of: sentence structure & syntax (i.e. how messages are interpreted by the reader), branding colour pallets, consistent imagery, communications mediums (posters, email templates, information cards, etc.).

Campaign Design – Essentials

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