Cognitive Diversity

CoLLab Facilitation
Our leadership team regularly facilitates engaging sessions for small and large groups. Independent facilitation can provide industry insights, grow the culture of a new team, provide a fresh perspective for established teams and help support change strategies through an introduction to methodology and disciplines to support major programmes within firms. Fully customised for the client and circumstances, we believe that these sessions should celebrate cognitive diversity and involve the clients of our clients wherever possible.

Business of Law Functional Reviews & Roadmaps
Our Practice Leads across Finance, Risk & Compliance, Marketing & Business Development and Technology have significant experience working within and consulting to law firms and in-house teams in their areas of specialisation. This ensures that our team delivers functional reviews and roadmaps that are digestible, executable and that our team can support our clients throughout the implementation of the initiatives that we recommend. These deliverables consider people, process and technology aspects of the current state and make pragmatic and honest recommendations which can be delivered through a carefully staged programme.

Legal Process Analysis
Our team have been analysing legal process since pink tape and pig stabbers. Using a variety of methodologies including BPM and BPMN, we prepare a considered approach to our analysis through combined activities of CoLLab Facilitation, Working Practice Observations and Behavioural Studies.

Lawyer Behavioural Studies
Having worked with or as lawyers for 20+ years, our practice leads have vast experience in both the working practices of lawyers, but also the psychology of them.

Business Working Practice
Complimentary to our Legal Process Analysis, Business of Law Functional Reviews and Org Design services, working practice observations are highly valuable and reliable technique for informing decisions to change. Our team has completed in excess of 1000 hours of working practice observations to support considerate business change programmes. These are conducted by consultants with appropriate subject matter expertise relevant to the business area.

A belief in sharing knowledge, experience
and insight across the legal industry with humility. 

Clear Intention

Product selection services & functionality and architecture advice
System replacements and upgrades are not something that firms do on a regular basis and therefore do not always maintain the skills in-house to execute practice, document, client relationship and new business system selections. Our team has worked for many years specialising in this area. We work with our clients to help develop business cases, requests for proposal and manage responses. We have extensive experience with various legal technology suppliers and their products and a success rate which is unmatched. This coupled with our expertise both from a regulatory and process perspective, ensures that the detail is not ignored.

We are regularly contacted in relation to projects which require critical remediation. Our team offers considerate advice, respecting the sensitivities that can exist in these instances. Our Practice Leads deliver rapid and natural language feedback to support effective and efficient decision making.

Technology Pulse Checks
Our Technology Pulse Checks offer a number of benefits, and we recommend these are conducted on a recurring basis post deployment of ERP systems (practice management, new business intake and document management). These services can help to assess benefits realisation and cover basic technical assessment of system performance, integration health and customisation health to help identify focus for enhancement. Beyond just the technology, we assess the strategic alignment of business systems against the firm master plan to ensure robust support models and roadmaps exist to enhance the benefits of these critical assets.

Mentoring & Coaching
Our Practice Leads across Finance, Risk & Compliance, Marketing & Business Development and Technology have significant experience working within and consulting to law firms and in-house teams in their areas of specialisation. They provide our clients with unparalleled knowledge, expertise and a friendly ear.

An introduction to disciplines
Whether it be Design Thinking, Service Design, Kaizen, Lean, Agile, PRINCE2 or anything else you might be interested to learn more about, the Altruistic Ventures network can provide a taster, or a more structured development approach to help firms and in-house teams appreciate how they might utilise different tools to support both major change and continuous enhancement programmes.

Legal Process Redesign
Through a multi-disciplinary approach to redesign, combined with appropriate subject matter expertise relevant to the business area, our consultants approach legal process redesign for every client in a unique way. Our team, having been mentored by Dr Mark Rehn (IBM), and being close followers of Andrew Baker’s LPI techniques, have now redesigned legal processes for some of the worlds largest law firms. Our overarching goal is to leave behind the knowledge for our clients to imbed legal process continuous enhancement activities in their organisations.

Through showing a selfless concern for the wellbeing
and success of others, the industry becomes great.


Business Change

Major Programme Management & Steering Advice
Delivering effective governance frameworks and providing a variety of services from ‘rent a PM’ to the ‘day a week’ coaching model, Altruistic Ventures offers industry recognised programme management expertise, helping its clients to navigate complex decision making processes through pragmatic communications strategies. Capacity is often the biggest challenge for firms undertaking major change programmes  and we recognise that the most valued team members are often over-burdened. Our senior team are often there to provide independent and specialised advice.

Business Change Strategies
Technology and process changes are often the major focus for resources involved in business change programmes. The human aspects of these changes are often overlooked, resulting in poor adoption and negative perceptions of new systems which cannot be reversed. Woven throughout any approach recommended by Altruistic Ventures is a highly empathetic business change strategy, which considers change impact and lawyer behaviours that may be effected. Our team prepares and delivers considerate change strategies which aim to carefully manage the impact of changes, as opposed to using technology to force behaviours.

Innovation Initiatives
The concept of a Programme Management Office or PMO is still relatively new to the legal industry, having become more commonplace over the past ten years. This central team of multi-disciplinary innovators is fast becoming known as an Innovation Hub for many magic circle firms. Our team has over ten years of experience working with firms to develop these initiatives, providing frameworks, resourcing models, and imbedding these teams in law firm culture.

Org Design
The team at Altruistic Ventures has worked on over 100 client sites across the legal industry in the past twenty years. This unique opportunity has allowed us to observe the changing organisational design of private practice firms and in-house legal alike. We have advised on a number of alternative shoring models as a result of various mergers and acquisitions and political activity. Our team couple behavioural studies and working practice observations with this industry knowledge and forecasts to provide realistic options for our clients.

Acceptance Strategies & Management
Key to any business change programme are the practical acceptance strategies and activities that help introduce the people within the business to new solutions. Altruistic Ventures provides a number of services to support our clients in this area. Our Acceptance Team work with our clients to agree a tailored approach to acceptance and can provide holistic support or mentoring and coaching in the creation and delivery of acceptance solutions (acceptance management technology, cases, runs, data generation, logistics).

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