Who we are

Who we are

Altruistic Ventures is a collective of committed professionals who specialise in law firm and in-house counsel advisory services, helping to deliver considered solutions to complex business problems in unique ways. We believe that the legal industry needs a change – to better service its clients and to provide more purposeful roles for those working within it. Our network allows our clients access to the most experienced and skilled consultants in the industry and thus allows Altruistic Ventures to share deep industry knowledge, with the vision of lifting the overall experience for clients of legal industry services.

We provide management consulting services, across both the business of law and the practice of law. Our services span strategic and operational advice with the ability to support our clients throughout the implementation of the advice we deliver, and to save the day on the implementations that may require critical support.  With specialisation across all major vertical services areas, including Risk, Finance, Marketing & Business Development, Technology and Programme Management, we believe that success is only possible through a special blend of subject matter expertise, authenticity, empathy and skill.   

Assisting lawyers to focus their efforts,
and ultimately support their own clients
to navigate high pressure situations.


Cognitive Diversity

Through highly creative business elicitation activities, Altruistic Ventures brings an unusual blend of design, continuous enhancement and project management disciplines, coupled with deep insights into lawyer psychology.

Our knowledge and experience of the business of law and technology helps firms and in-house teams to truly appreciate their current state, notice, evaluate and enhance. The team at Altruistic Ventures holds industry recognised subject matter expertise in both the business and practice of law, but without the BS. We know the legal industry has plenty of amazing people in it, and we deliver our clients a team that can truly transform.

True transformation can only occur through cognitive diversity, and this is evident in our advice, services and approach – this is at the centre of everything that we do and we encourage our clients to recognise their own cognitive diversity.

Clear Intention

Clear intention is critical to the success of business change. Altruistic Ventures helps firms and in-house teams to harness the tools to focus their efforts and ensure that success measures are realised from all programmes of business change.

Through considerate analysis of business problems and requirements, and evidenced prioritisation techniques, targeted solutions can be rapidly planned and executed through properly staged programmes.

Our mentoring and coaching services can provide industry insights and support for influencers and management alike, with the ability to help identify the challenges and opportunities that can differentiate their initiatives and grow positive cultures.

Business Change

Emphasis on engagement strategies and change tools that support people within the legal industry is imperative to the success of any initiative. Whether it be for small or large scale, multi-site clients, our team’s unique approach to working practice observations and behavioural studies allows Altruistic Ventures to develop bespoke change strategies to support various programmes of work.

Our intimate knowledge of product functionality and architecture allows us to help our clients identify truly innovative solutions which confound and delight. This combined with industry insights, law firm personas, subject matter expertise, and engagement strategies sets us apart.

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